As part of Pelham’s extensive range of activities to exercise and stimulate body and mind, we have introduced a monthly Creative Cookery session with Denise Hopkins, one of our dynamic duo of chefs with Cathy Thompson.

“We have done these on an ad hoc basis in the past,” says Denise, “but now we have them as a regular fixture in our monthly calendar.”

Denise has run four fun cookery sessions so far, and there are plans to run the sessions with topical themes of the day, such as Valentine’s Day and Easter.

“We have made pizzas and cakes in preparation, and then residents who want to join in can decorate them in whatever way they want,” she says. “It is great fun, and the only problem is keeping the residents from tucking into the food decorations before the finished product!”

For the individual cake bases, Denise provides additional adornments such as chocolate buttons, sweets, cherries and marzipan, while the pizzas are treated with tomato sauce, peppers, mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, red onions and grated cheese – the residents share these for their evening supper instead of sandwiches with their soup.

Denise has plenty of ideas for our forthcoming Halloween Hullabaloo on October 30th.

“We shall have a suitably coloured fruit punch with witches’ cakes and sticky gingerbread – and watch out for the wiggly worms in my jelly!”

Our Activities Co-ordinator, Lisa Westhoff and at least one of our excellent carers are always on hand to provide help, encouragement and inspiration when necessary!

Dates and times of Creative Cookery sessions with Denise – who has been working at Pelham House for four years – are available on the monthly events calendar on the wall in the dining room corridor.