As Public Health England issues its annual guidelines on outbreaks of influenza, we are reminded of our responsibilities to our residents and staff about the potential dangers of the virus at this time of year.

We encourage all our residents to have an annual ‘flu jab from their GP, unless there are genuine reasons for not having one, such as allergic reactions. Staff too do their bit to limit the spread of germs, not only by having their jabs, but some are also known to don masks if they have so much as a cough or cold!

Pelham House operates a comprehensive cleaning regime which is audited regularly and staff are trained to watch out for the signs of ‘flu and what to do if there is an outbreak – we have a robust protocol in place.

Public Health’s guidelines set out what staff should look out for by way of possible symptoms and fever. A whole set of infection prevention and control measures have also been provided which cover issues such as hand hygiene (which we are really hot on) and protective clothing, cleaning and waste disposal and the reducing the risk of exposure.

We shall continue to carefully monitor all our processes and systems to ensure that any outbreak of influenza is kept at bay for the health and safety of residents, staff and visitors alike.