Pelham House achieves an astonishing record of accuracy for its medication administration, which is vital for the care of our residents.

Figures for the last few months show that the administering of medication was consistently almost 100 per cent accurate – which maintains the high standard of delivery in this important area throughout the year.  You can see a table of the accuracy of Pelham House administration of medication here.

“We are strongly committed to ensuring that our standard of service, including medication, reaches the highest possible level,” said Owner and Manager, Roger Waluube. “But we know there is no room for complacency, and we will still aim to maintain standards and improve on everything we do by carefully monitoring our performance weekly.”

“This is an excellent standard given that we administer in the region of 1,800 drugs and medicines a month including those which are issued when required such as inhalers or painkillers,” added Janet Deveson, Quality & Compliance Administrator.

Strict guidelines are issued by the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE), to ensure that care home providers have a medicines policy which is reviewed and up-to-date. Their rules cover every aspect of medication provision, from ordering, delivery, administering and recording to ensure adherence to common standards across the care industry.

This standard of medication administration bodes well for future Care Quality Commission inspections, as they take this element of a care home’s work very seriously.