As part of our commitment to providing interesting and stimulating activities for our residents (and friends and relatives too!) we undertake a programme of regular reminiscence sessions to focus the mind and bring back memories. Following the success of our ‘Back to School’ event last month, we have recently enjoyed taking our residents back up the aisle to see what bells could be rung about their own ‘Best Day of their Life’ – or otherwise!

There were wedding belles, bouquets, posies and pictures as we took residents on a trip down memory lane to a young and exciting time in their lives. Friends and relatives brought in various items of memorabilia, including plenty of  photographs and a selection of wonderful bride and bridesmaid dresses – and as is appropriate on these occasions, a little wine was supped.

One of our dynamic duo of cooks, Cathy Thompson, produced a beautiful celebratory cake for the occasion, which was suitably cut by Francis Chapman’s daughter Diane and her husband Clive – married 47 years to the day!

Reminiscence therapy is well known as a tool to improve psychological well-being, especially among older people. It has been shown to relieve boredom, and improve problem solving and coping skills, and seems to have a positive and even lasting results.

We shall continue to have our themed reminiscence sessions – as you can see from our pictures here, they encourage lots of laughter and sense of fun, and hopefully happy memories too!